North Star Fund is about the power of collective, local action. At North Star Fund, community organizers lead both the work we support and our grantmaking. Our donors—both big and small—are partners in grassroots fundraising and mobilizing critically-needed resources, quickly. Together, we moved millions last year to support emerging movements in New York City and the Hudson Valley led by people of color and communities most impacted by injustice. When we rise together, we build power for and with each other.

Thank you for your support.

North Star Fund raises money from New Yorkers for grants to support grassroots organizing in New York City and the Hudson Valley. Both our grants and our grantmaking are about building power.

Our leadership is largely drawn from activist communities in New York, drawing leaders from across lines of race, age, gender and class. What we have in common is a commitment to a just and equitable New York where everyone is welcome and can expect to be treated fairly. As a community, we take risks and invest in emerging issues and a combination of new and established leadership.

  • 2017-18 Board
    • Alvarez Symonette
      Amber Guild
      Andrew Goldberg
      Asa Johnson
      Candis Tolliver
      Christine Parker
      David Ryan Alexander
      Gonzalo Mercado
      Holly Fetter
      Jennifer Ching, Executive Director
      Jennifer Flynn Walker

    • Kesi Foster
      Lisa Steglich
      Lloyd Martinez
      Maggie Williams
      Marjorie Fine
      Mark Reed, Treasurer
      Michael Waterman, Secretary
      Nisha Atre, Chair
      Pierre Hauser, Vice-Chair
      Susanna Blankley
      Zahida Pirani

    • Board Finance Committee

      Alvarez Symonette
      Jen Hatch
      Mark Reed, Treasurer
      Natasha Pallan
      Nishi Shah

  • 2017-18 New York City Community Funding Committee
    • Cathy Dang
      Dominique Tan
      Felix Endara
      Jawanza Williams

    • Katie Lindsay
      Kesi Foster, Co-Chair
      Krystal Portalatin
      Leah Obias
      Ligia Guallpa

    • Michael Tikili
      Rob Robinson
      Sam J. Miller
      Susanna Blankley, Co-Chair

  • 2017-18 Hudson Valley Community Funding Committee
    • Diana Sánchez
      Emma Kreyche

    • Gloria Martínez
      Guisela Marroquín
      Jalal Sabur

    • Rae Leiner
      Sandra Oxford
      Vanessa Green

  • 2017-18 Let Us Breathe Fund Committee
    • Ejeris Dixon
      Ingrid Benedict
      Kesi Foster

  • 2017-2018 Staff
    • Adam Liebowitz, Community Food Funders Director

      Angbeen Saleem, Digital Communications Coordinator

      Catherine Eusebio, NYC Program Officer

      cori schmanke parrish, Deputy Director

      Elz Cuya Jones, Deputy Director

      Helen Stillman, Donor Program Director

      Jennifer Ching, Executive Director

      Jodi Sh. Doff, Operations Manager

    • Kathleen Pequeño, Communications Director

      Kofo Anifalaje, Development Director

      Leyana Dessauer, Administrative Assistant

      Mayra Hidalgo Salazar, Hudson Valley Program Director

      Michelle De León, Betty Kapetanakis Memorial Intern

      Seun A. Owolabi, Development Manager

    • Past Staff

      Emily Sloss

      Stephanie Mendoza

  • 2017-2018 Consultants & Volunteers
    • Abrazos Music & Entertainment
      AHOY Studios
      Alison Roh Park
      Almoradie Media
      Amanda Gentile
      Ana Espina, Thomas & Associates
      Ariel Ottey
      Bryan Potter Design
      Caracol Interpreters Cooperative
      Dan Bigelow
      Dana J. Schneider
      Daniel Gross
      Danielle Pearce
      Dimitri Serov
      Elena Waldman

    • Gerard Gaskin
      Henry Serrano
      Idealist Consulting
      Idewild Partners Inc.
      Ingrid Benedict
      Janvieve Williams Comrie
      Krystal Portalatin
      Laura McNeill
      Liberation Cuisine
      Lynn Lewis
      Matt Beals
      Matt Peters
      Neha Gautam
      Nitika Raj

    • Oxalis NYC
      Priscilla Gonzalez
      Sierra C. Spingarn Catering
      Simran Noor
      Stephen Pellegrino
      Superfine Printing
      Support Group
      Universal Partnership
      Wingo, Inc.
      Woke Foods
      Zahida Pirani
      Zerandrian Morris

North Star Fund brings together a community of New Yorkers who care about social justice, who combine our resources—money, skills and networks—to fund locally-grown movements for change.

How We Work

Our Programming Includes:

  • Events to connect people to local grassroots movements for learning and network building

  • Materials that highlight the justice issues that our grantees work on

  • Building leadership to change philanthropy to make it more inclusive and responsive to the needs of communities of color and low-income communities

  • Bringing People Together

    Events to connect people to local grassroots movements for learning and network building

  • Storytelling

    Materials that highlight the justice issues that our grantees work on

  • Movement Building

    Building leadership to change philanthropy to make it more inclusive and responsive to the needs of communities of color and low-income communities



      New York has thousands of micro-workplaces—like the corner laundromat—where isolated workers toil in unsafe and unsanitary working conditions while receiving subminimum wages.

    • Who's Coming Together

      Laundry Workers Center’s worker empowerment model of organizing focuses on isolated workplaces and has led to higher wages and better conditions at restaurants, warehouses and retail stores.

    • The Victory

      Laundry workers are building sector-wide power across retail laundromats and are now leading the industry’s first safe conditions and fair wages campaign in New York City.


      North Star Fund’s Role

      We were one of the first funders of Laundry Workers Center in 2013. They have received multiple grants prior to our two-year, $50,000 Movement Leadership grant to advance this challenging organizing campaign.

    • Person holds a sign that says


      Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers are homeless or reside in temporary housing. Meanwhile, there are vacant and underused properties in every neighborhood across the five boroughs.

    • Who's Coming Together

      Picture the Homeless (PTH) draws its leadership from unhoused and formerly unhoused New Yorkers. In 2006 and 2011, members conducted methodical surveys of underused properties across the city and found enough vacancies to house every homeless New Yorker.

    • The Victory

      In response to PTH’s decade-long campaign, the NYC Council passed the Housing Not Warehousing Act, requiring the city to track vacant properties and to make the information available to the public so PTH and organizers can identify potential affordable housing sites in every community.


      North Star Fund's Role

      We have supported Picture the Homeless with grants every year of this campaign, including a Movement Leadership grant in 2011 and their 2018 Grassroots Action grant.

  • Brooklyn Movement Center
    • Brooklyn Movement Center


      Police violence is a deeply entrenched problem in New York City, with powerful institutions fighting every possible solution emerging from the community even after the violent deaths of New Yorkers.

    • Who's Coming Together

      Brooklyn Movement Center (BMC) organized community members affected by the death of Saheed “Sy” Vassel after he was gunned down by police in his Crown Heights neighborhood.

    • The Victory

      “The Real Saheed” campaign countered the story about him painted in media after his death by the NYPD, who told negative stories about his background rather than allow the public to know the identities of his killers.

    • Let Us Breathe Fund

      North Star Fund’s Role

      In addition to a Let Us Breathe grant this year, BMC also received a Grassroots Action grant, a Rapid Response grant, and a Frederick Douglass Award grant. We also continue to fiscally sponsor and support Communities United for Police Reform, a coalition of organizations including BMC that organizes to fight discriminatory police practices.



      How can we build the transformative leadership of women in social justice and community organizing?

    • Who's Coming Together

      Women’s Organizing Network convenes a group of women organizers from social justice organizing groups and unions across New York City and the Hudson Valley for a five-month leadership program.

    • The Victory

      Participants build relationships of mutual support with each other, deepen their leadership, and bring a gender lens into their work, reaching thousands of people in their circle of influence.


      North Star Fund's Role

      We were one of the first funders to invest in Women’s Organizing Network in 2016, and they received a 2018 Innovative Activism grant. Most of the leaders they are developing work at current and former grantee organizations of North Star Fund.

  • Columbia County Sanctuary Movement
    • Columbia County Sanctuary Movement


      New citizens in the Hudson Valley, many of whom are Latinx and who come from mixed-immigration status families, are ripe for civic engagement but need to be included in outreach strategies by community organizations.

    • Who's Coming Together

      Columbia County Sanctuary Movement (CCSM) brings together new citizens, other immigrants and allies in Hudson to involve them in local policymaking where their voices will have an impact.

    • The Victory

      CCSM has gone to where potential Latinx voters are, such as soccer games and local school or community events to register voters and make sure eligible voters know how to reach out to their local elected officials.

    • Hudson Valley Momentum Grant

      North Star Fund’s Role

      We’ve funded CCSM in each of the first two years of the Hudson Valley Momentum Grants. We are the first local community foundation to prioritize supporting grassroots organizing across issues and geography in the Hudson Valley.



      New York’s Board of Parole operates with little public scrutiny while making life changing decisions about the lives of incarcerated New Yorkers that are based on political considerations instead of public safety.

    • Who's Coming Together

      Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP) brings together former prisoners, lawyers and criminal justice reform advocates focused on bringing accountability and much-needed changes to the parole board.

    • The Victory

      RAPP’s campaign “If the Risk is Low, Let Them Go” is moving the dial on public dialogue about parole. The release of Herman Bell after nearly 45 years in prison has show that it is possible to break the hold of political forces on the lives of prisoners.


      North Star Fund's Role

      We’ve awarded Catalyst grants to RAPP in each of their first three years and made a $10,000 grant in 2018 as this campaign continues to build momentum.



      One in four low-income New Yorkers are unable to afford the cost of a Metro-Card to get to work and school, and fare increases hit lo-low income New Yorkers the hardest.

    • Who's Coming Together

      Riders Alliance ran a high-profile campaign to pressure the City Council and the mayor to secure funding for reduced fare MetroCards for New Yorkers who need access to the subway and buses.

    • The Victory

      In summer 2018, the City Council approved over $100 million in funding for a reduced fare MetroCard to begin in January 2019.


      North Star Fund's Role

      We’ve been investing in Riders Alliance consistently since their founding, including with a 2015 Movement Leadership Grant and a Rapid Response grant in spring 2018 that helped push this campaign to victory.


      The Challenge

      What kind of money do we need to build grassroots power? Our movements thrive when people raise money from their networks and local communities while having strategic and transformative conversations about race, class, and the power of organizing.

    • Who's Coming Together

      The Giving Project brings together 20 New Yorkers from different class and race backgrounds for a six-month process of learning, dialogue and fundraising for our local movements.

    • What They're Changing

      The Giving Project raised $210,000 in new donations for grassroots organizing, and its members selected 15 organizations drawn from the North Star Fund grantee pool to receive grants.


      North Star Fund's Role

      We brought this transformative community building model to New York City for the first time in fall 2017. We were able to make use of our decades of experience organizing social justice-minded donors and building people’s skills at fundraisers.


      The Challenge

      Food justice funding isn’t keeping up with the urgency of problems plaguing our food system: poor treatment of workers all along the food chain, the demands of climate breakdown, and unequal access to fresh food and farmable land.

    • Who's Coming Together

      Community Food Funders has been convening a growing number of foundation staff and board members to learn together and better understand the needs of the field.

    • What They're Changing

      In 2018, Community Food Funders laid the groundwork to launch a new cohort-based leadership development program for food justice organizers modeled after our successful Movement Leadership Program, launching winter 2019.


      North Star Fund's Role

      As the convener of Community Food Funders, we provide regular workshops and site visit that are attended from foundations across the region, and have provided the expertise to launch the leadership program.

North Star Fund is New York’s community foundation supporting grassroots groups leading the movement for equality, economic justice and peace.

The North Star Fund community of donors keep growing. Become part of changing New York and make a gift today!

Thank you to all the people who made gifts to North Star Fund from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018. Your contributions made the community and the work you see in this report possible.

This list represents gifts received July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018. If there are any errors or omissions on this list, please accept our apologies and reach out to us at with updates or corrections.

  • A–C
    • 1199SEIU Child Care Corporation
    • 32BJ SEIU
    • A. J. Muhammad
    • Aaron Carr
    • Aaron Levine
    • Abby Barr
    • Abner Greene
    • Abraham Lateiner
    • Adam Friedl and Cynthia Domingo-Foraste
    • Adam Hellegers
    • Adam Luna
    • Addie Gottwald
    • Addie Mahdavi
    • Addrana Montgomery
    • Adele and Sam Braude
    • Agnes Gund
    • Agnes Molnar
    • Aimee Walker
    • Aixa Rodriguez
    • Akbar Pasha
    • Alec Lynch
    • Alejandra Ruiz
    • Alex Deane
    • Alex Rodriguez
    • Alex Villari
    • Alexa Spencer
    • Alexander Morse
    • Alexander Slater
    • Alexandra Daks
    • Alexandra Feris
    • Alexandra Foucard
    • Alexandra Jacobus and Ted Auerbach
    • Alexis Iwanisziw and Mychal Campos
    • Ali Stack
    • Alice Shechter
    • Alice Wu
    • Alicia Arrington
    • Alisa Solomon and Marilyn Kleinberg Neimark
    • Alison Bartolone Gill
    • Alison Brusch
    • Alison Diviney
    • Alix Gould-Werth
    • Allan Guggenheim
    • Allan Ludgate
    • Alliance for Quality Education
    • Allison Farer
    • Alvarez Symonette
    • Alvin Strelnick
    • Amalgamated Bank
    • Amalgamated Foundation
    • Amanda D. Zeitlin
    • Amanda Sullivan
    • Amani Piers
    • Amber Myers
    • Amber R. Guild
    • Amelia Nawn
    • Amida Care
    • Amy Chou
    • Amy L. Meckler
    • Amy Maher
    • Amy Meckler
    • Amy Wagner
    • Amy Wolf and Bennett Baumer
    • Ana Delarosa
    • Ana Espina
    • Ana Meili Carling
    • Anastasia Savoy
    • Anchilla Canoy Monks
    • Andi Pettis
    • Andrea Alexander
    • Andrea Ciannavei
    • Andrea De Toledo
    • Andrea Green
    • Andrea Hunter
    • Andrea Kihlstedt
    • Andrea Martinez
    • Andrew Courtney
    • Andrew Goldberg and Karen Putterman
    • Andrew Menard
    • Andrew Starr-Bochicchio
    • The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
    • Andy Drexler
    • Angela Jefferson
    • Angelo Gabriel Kamus
    • Angie Bonato
    • Anita Altman
    • Anjali Bhat
    • Anjana Samant
    • Ann Hackler
    • Anna Berg
    • Anna Steffens
    • Anne H. Hess and Craig Kaplan
    • Anne Tatreau-Stewart and Xavier Stewart
    • Anonymous (59)
    • Anthony A. Yoseloff
    • Anthony Lopez and Elaine Ruiz Lopez
    • Anthony Riddle
    • Anya Rous
    • Aparna Atl
    • Aracelis Lucero
    • Arastu Chaudhury
    • Ariel Shaw
    • Arline Segal
    • Arnel Comiso
    • Arva Rice
    • Asa and Jodi Lu Johnson
    • Ashley Cruce
    • Astrid Lewis Reedy
    • Audrey Sasson
    • Autumn Leonard and Justin Ruben
    • Ayirini Fonseca-Sabune
    • The Balu Family Charitable Fund
    • Barbara Goodman and Seth Weinberger
    • Barbara Gross
    • Barbara LaPlaca
    • Barbara Michelson and James Heffron
    • Barbara Schatz
    • Barbara Slatin
    • Barbara Stiefel
    • Barbara Turk
    • Barbara Winslow
    • Barry and Maija Nobel
    • Barry Godfrey
    • Bart and Myra Goldberg
    • Beatrice Stern
    • Becca Elizabeth
    • The Belmay Family Foundation
    • Ben Francisco Maulbeck
    • Ben Wyskida
    • Benjamin Brewer
    • Benjamin Griesinger
    • Benjamin Jacob
    • Benjamin Lindsay
    • Beth Jacobs
    • Beth Newitt
    • Beth Slade
    • Betty and Jorge Acuna
    • Betty Maslin
    • Betty Zohar
    • Bhakti Mirchandani
    • Bill Leavitt
    • Billy Easton
    • Binh Hoang
    • Biola Jeje
    • Blair Glaser
    • Bonnie Kornberg
    • Brad Bong
    • Braeden Lentz
    • Bread & Roses Community Fund
    • Brendan Mcnallen
    • Brenna Zach Epstein
    • Brian Salata
    • Bridgette LaQue
    • Brooke Lehman
    • Brooke Nash
    • Bryan MacCormack
    • Buddy Dikman and Chuck Davis
    • Burke Stansbury and Krista Hanson
    • Caitlin Munchick
    • Caitlin Salemi
    • Caledonia Kearns
    • Candice Anitra and Adam Weinstock
    • Candis Tolliver
    • Caneel Fraser
    • The Canon Santiago Fund
    • Carlos Martinez
    • Carol and Robert Adams
    • Carol Lynch
    • Carol Smith
    • Carolina Korth
    • Carolina Maestre
    • Caroline Cotter
    • Carolyn Antonio
    • Carolyn Hall and Kelly AuCoin
    • Casey Krosser
    • Cassie Schwerner
    • Causten Rodriguez-Wollerman
    • Cecilia Bien
    • Cecilia Lim
    • Cecilia Vanti
    • Celeste Lavin
    • The Center for Popular Democracy
    • Chad Jones
    • Chad Longley
    • Charitable Development Consulting
    • Charito Lejano
    • Charlene Hypes
    • Charles Pelton
    • Charlotte Phillips, MD
    • Chelsea Altman
    • Chevion Weaks-Lopez
    • Chris Hewitt
    • Chris Nee
    • Chris Rock
    • Chris Tatreau
    • Christa Orth
    • Christine Moran
    • Christine Parker and Dennis Clare
    • Christopher Heinrich
    • Citerman Consulting and Associates LLC
    • The Claneil Foundation
    • Claude Heffron
    • Claudette Agard
    • Claudia Wilner
    • Claudine Ozzello
    • Claudine Welti
    • Clementine Brown
    • Clovis Thorn
    • Color of Change
    • The Commonwealth Fund
    • Conant Family Foundation
    • Constina Alston-Howley
    • cori parrish and Sierra Spingarn
    • Corinna Borden
    • Corinne Spingarn and Steve Bicknese
    • Craig Schiff
    • Cultures of Resistance Network Foundation
    • The Custis Westham Fund
    • CWA Local 1180
    • Cynthia Grover
    • Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni
    • Cynthia Williams
  • D–F
    • Dagan Bayliss and Holly Thomas
    • Dan Saferstein
    • Dan Silverman and Barbara Deinhardt
    • Daniel Altschuler
    • Daniel Backman and Ryan Flamerich
    • Daniel Dromm
    • Daniel Glover
    • Daniel Millenson
    • Daniel Wolf
    • Daniel Yanez
    • Danielle Pearce
    • Danielle Plafsky
    • Dara Silverman
    • David Alban
    • David Alexander
    • The David and Amanda Basler Family
    • David Appelbaum
    • David Cummings
    • David Felix Sutcliffe
    • David Goodman
    • David Miller
    • David Perrin
    • David Satz
    • Debora Wake
    • Deborah Hepokoski
    • Deborah Meer
    • Deborah Slaner Larkin
    • Debra Ingerson
    • Debra Lorenzen
    • Deme Yoo
    • Demos
    • Denise Aquino
    • Dennis Cuya
    • Diane and Steve Eidman
    • Diane Chen
    • Dick Riseling
    • Dimitri Holtzman
    • District Council 37, Local 371
    • Dominic Gabello
    • Dominique Tan
    • Don Bassell
    • Donald Goldberg and Tracy de la Mater Goldberg
    • Donato Visco
    • Donna Katzin and Alan Altschuler
    • Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
    • Dorothy Noriega
    • Dorothy Siegel
    • Dory Culver
    • Doug Cunningham
    • Doug Paxton and Joe Vassallo
    • Douglas James
    • Douglas Marron
    • Dyson Foundation
    • E. Manny Vaz
    • Ed Hong
    • Edgar Rivera Colon
    • Edgar Villanueva
    • Eileen and Abraham Uchitelle
    • El Centro del Inmigrante
    • Elaine Kim
    • Elaine Kim and Luna Yasui
    • Elaine Minor
    • Elana Karopkin
    • Eleanor Bader
    • Elena Conte
    • Eliana Machefsky
    • Eliza Leighton
    • Elizabeth Baker
    • Elizabeth Busch
    • Elizabeth Coberly Knight
    • Elizabeth Dickinson
    • Elizabeth Kirk
    • Elizabeth Manne
    • Elizabeth McLoughlin
    • Elizabeth Sullivan
    • Ellen Brecher
    • Ellen Fischman
    • Ellen Lowe
    • Ellen Morris
    • Elnatan B. Reisner and Lianna Levine Reisner
    • Elwyn Cabebe
    • Emilie Soffe
    • Emily D’Angelo
    • Emily Lederman
    • Emily Mohammed
    • Emily Parkey
    • Emma Hutchinson
    • Emma Kreyche
    • Emma Orme
    • Eric Horvath
    • Eric Zachary and Susannah Laskaris
    • Erica Mcdowell
    • Erin DiPalma
    • Esperanza Rodriguez
    • Ethan Frey
    • Ethan Keswin
    • Eugenia Lee
    • Evan Casper-Futlerman
    • Evelyn Frankl
    • F.Y. Eye
    • Families for Freedom
    • Felicity Nitz
    • Fenton
    • Fifth Avenue Committee
    • Florrie Marshall
    • Foley Family Foundation
    • Ford Foundation
    • Foundation for a Just Society
    • Frances Givhan
    • Francesca Richer
    • Francesca Richer Jason Harvey
    • Francine Hyppolite
    • Frank Triozzi
    • Frederick Muench
    • Fredi Hurwitz
    • Frieda Arth
    • Funding Exchange Member Endowment
    • Fuoco Group


  • G–K
    • G. Fredrick Charitable Foundation
    • Gauri Joshi
    • Gene Carroll
    • Geoffrey Gund
    • GFP Real Estate
    • Gina Kathleen
    • Gisela Alvarez
    • Gisela Gamper
    • Glen Berman
    • Google Inc. LLC
    • Gordon Johnson and Nancy Lee
    • Grassroots International
    • The Greenway Pendleton Fund
    • Gus Christensen
    • Gwenn Cagann
    • H. James Lucas
    • Hannah Mogul-Adlin
    • Hannah Wainright
    • Hannah Wainright Fund
    • The Harmon Foundation
    • Harv and Barb Citerman
    • Harvey Epstein
    • Héctor Figueroa
    • Heding Yang
    • Helaine Katz
    • Helen F. Stillman
    • Helen Lejano Cuya
    • Helen S. Cohen and Mark A. Lipman
    • Holly Delany Cole
    • Holly Fetter
    • Hon. Charles Troia
    • Hong Anna Suh and Ross Garon
    • Hudson Valley Farm Hub
    • Hugh Hogan
    • Hunter Blas
    • Ian Mckenna
    • Ida Hakkila
    • Iimay Ho
    • Ila Duncan
    • Ilana Goldman
    • Ilya Lozovsky
    • Ingrid Benedict
    • Irene Cheng
    • Irene Tung
    • Ivan Rosales
    • Jake Cannavale
    • James Basili and Helen Rosner
    • James Bradbury
    • James Schaffer and Ilana Lerman
    • James Sober
    • James, Michele and Couie Sharpe
    • Jan Atwell
    • Jane Horowitz
    • Jane Humphreys
    • Jane L. Johnson
    • Jane Lerner
    • Janet Jakobsen
    • Janet Levoff
    • Janet Moore-Coll
    • Janos Marton
    • Jared Faber
    • Jarrett Lucas
    • Jasmin Berrios
    • Jasmine Gripper
    • Jasmine Jeffers
    • Jason Franklin
    • Jason Wong
    • Jay Potter
    • Jean Garrish
    • Jeffrey and Eva Kittay
    • Jelena Dobic
    • Jen Marlowe
    • Jenna Berman
    • Jenna Shumsky
    • Jennifer Armas
    • Jennifer Blaise
    • Jennifer Caban
    • Jennifer Chapman
    • Jennifer Ching
    • Jennifer Ching and Jeffrey Lee
    • Jennifer Desmond
    • Jennifer Dorr White
    • Jennifer Flynn and Bela August Walker
    • Jennifer Goodale and Mark Russell
    • Jennifer Katz
    • Jennifer Kettner and Peter Hennessey
    • Jennifer Lambert
    • Jennifer Lopez
    • Jennifer Lucy Villareal
    • Jennifer Mayer
    • Jennifer Queenan
    • Jennifer Tsang
    • Jeremy Chan-Kraushar
    • Jerome L. Greene Foundation
    • Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation
    • Jet Blue
    • Jill Aguado
    • Jill Breit
    • Jill Hamberg
    • Jill Yoo
    • Jim Gold
    • Jimmy Smits
    • JJ Schneider
    • Joan Anderson
    • Joan Budd
    • Joan Ivler
    • Joanna Pozen
    • Joanna Rosenhein
    • Joanne Smith
    • Joaquin Sanchez
    • Joe Rogers
    • Johanna Miller
    • John Breitbart
    • John Butler
    • John Buzzetti
    • John Donaleski
    • John Dumm
    • John Hammond
    • John Levin and Diane Keefe
    • John Loonam and Maria Mottola
    • John Macintosh and Anna Maria Verdi
    • John Norwood
    • Johnny Sanchez and Heidi Marshall
    • Jon Snyder
    • Jonathan Alvarez
    • Jonathan Greenberg
    • Jonathan Kalin
    • Jonathan Liu
    • Jonathan Ng
    • Jonathan Petkun
    • Jonathan Schorr
    • Jonathan Shulman
    • Jonathan Wilcove
    • Jose Dobles
    • Joseph Geary
    • Joseph Lagana-Jackson
    • Joseph Lipofsky
    • Joseph Miller-Gamble
    • Josephine Dumm
    • Journey for Justice
    • Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation
    • Joyce Yu
    • JP Hufnagel
    • Judith and Alan Appelbaum
    • Judith Liebeskind
    • Julia Strapp
    • Juliet Melamid
    • June Makela and Mark Fischweicher
    • Justin Lansing
    • Justin Shilad
    • Kaitlin Mcnabb
    • Kaitlyn Farran
    • Kamryn Wolf
    • Karen Blumenthal
    • Karen Coppock
    • Karen Marshall
    • Karen Pittelman
    • Karina Copen
    • Katherine McCreary
    • Katherine Mechner
    • Katherine Terenzi
    • Katherine Walsh
    • Kathleen Pequeño and Dana J. Schneider
    • Kathryn Ferranti
    • Kathryn Nash
    • Katie Goodman
    • Katie Lindsay
    • Katie Unger
    • Katy Rubin
    • Katya Collazo
    • Katya Levitan-Reiner and Rebecca Wisotsky
    • KC Wagner
    • Keith Brooks
    • Keith Catone and Dulari Tahbildar
    • Keith Mounsey
    • Kelly Bare
    • Kelsea Norris
    • Ken and Sharon Kind
    • Kenneth Qin
    • Kenneth Stephens
    • Keren Ludwig
    • Kesav Wable
    • Kevin Borden
    • Kevin Ching
    • Kevin Duarte
    • Kevin Duarte
    • Kevin Irby
    • Khalid Rivera
    • Kilusan Bautista
    • Kim Sweet
    • Kim Umemoto
    • Kimberley Bueno
    • Kindeya Chiaro
    • Kingdon Capital Management, LLC
    • Kirk Thorne
    • Kolu Zigbi
    • Kristen Salgado
    • Kristi DiSilva
    • Krystal Portalatin
    • Kwele Serrell
    • Kymsha Henry
  • L-N
    • La Colmena
    • Lamont Badru
    • Lamson Lam
    • Lane Goldberg
    • Larry Gross
    • Larry Hailsham Jr.
    • Larry Powell
    • Latressa Fulton
    • Laura Darrell
    • Laura Popper
    • Laura Wernick
    • Laura Wolff and Clayton Gordon
    • Laurel Hester
    • Lauren Fasolo
    • Laurie Ignacio and Laura Kaneko
    • The Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund
    • Leah Obias
    • Lee Kallman
    • Leesa Gregory
    • Leia Grossman
    • Leigh Dingerson
    • Leigh Dodson and Paul Mersfelder
    • Leila Berkley
    • Lena Solow
    • Lena Waithe
    • Leo S. Walsh Foundation
    • Leonard Rodberg
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    • Leslie Deutsch
    • Letitia and James Brown
    • Levitt Foundation
    • Lillian & Ira N. Langsan Foundation
    • The Lily Auchincloss Foundation, Inc.
    • Lily Berticevich
    • Lindsay Adamski
    • Linn Shapiro
    • Lisa Di Rosa
    • Lisa Grumet and Mark Daly
    • Lisa North
    • Lisa Peterson
    • Lisa Philp
    • Lisa Ranghelli
    • Lisa Rodio
    • Lisa Rothe
    • Lisa Sebesta
    • Lisa Steglich
    • Lise Vogel
    • Liz and Hale Gurland
    • Liz Casasola
    • Liza Colon-Zayas
    • Liza Jonny Goodhue
    • Liza Sherman
    • Lloyd V. Martinez
    • Lola Lloyd Horwitz and Donald Horwitz
    • Louisa Hall
    • Lucius N. Littauer Foundation
    • Lucretia John
    • Luis Alvarez
    • Luis O. Reyes
    • Luis Rey Ramirez Barreto
    • Luke and Christine Elliott-Negri
    • Lynda Rodolitz
    • Lynn Feasley
    • M. Dolski
    • Maddy Allison
    • Maddy deLone and Bobby Cohen
    • Madeleine Moore
    • Madeleine Pelton
    • Madeline Legg
    • Maggie Williams
    • The Maine Community Foundation
    • Maiysha Kramer
    • Make the Road New York
    • Manuela Arciniegas
    • Marbre Stahly-Butts
    • March Gallagher
    • Margaret Roumer
    • Margaret Woodman-Russell
    • Margarita Franco
    • Marguerite Leslie
    • Maria Bautista
    • Maria Hanophy
    • Maria Jaime
    • Maria Scorsone
    • Mariam Williams
    • Mariana Parma
    • Marianne Auza
    • Marie Varghese
    • Mariel Matero
    • Marina Heung
    • Mario Lugay
    • Marion Kaplan
    • Marisa Falcon
    • Marisa Harford
    • Marissa Martin
    • Marita Natori
    • Marjorie Fine
    • Marjorie Smith
    • Mark Buhrmester
    • Mark Colon
    • Mark Lopez and Leslie Spira Lopez
    • Mark Reed and Daria Ilunga
    • Mark Rush
    • Mark Russell
    • Martin Stone
    • Martine Thermitus
    • Mary Damour
    • Mary Elaine Monti
    • Mary Humphreys
    • Mary Nolan
    • Marya Cohn
    • Maryann Sung and Andy Williams
    • Marybeth Moser
    • Marzetta Gyimah
    • Matthew Feis
    • Matthew Werner
    • Mattias Johansson
    • Maureen Flanagan
    • Mayra Hidalgo Salazar
    • Meeta Anand
    • Meg and Howard Jacobs
    • Meg Fidler
    • Megan Carter
    • Megan Hester
    • Megan Lardner
    • Megan Nguyen
    • Meghan Faux
    • Melinda Baglio
    • Melinda Clemmons Blackorby
    • Melissa Chua
    • Melissa Dolski
    • Melissa Lejano
    • Melody Kology
    • Merck Family Fund
    • Meredith Zapin and Steve Bocknek
    • Merry Tucker
    • Mertz-Gilmore Foundation
    • Meryl Schwartz Holcombe
    • Meryl Sher
    • Michael Cooper
    • Michael D. Young and Debra L. Raskin
    • Michael Demos
    • Michael Gerstenhaber
    • Michael Gottwald
    • Michael J. Hirschhorn and Jimena P. Martinez
    • Michael Loeb
    • Michael Mullaley
    • Michael Rabinowitz
    • Michael Reynnells
    • Michael Schmale
    • Michael Seltzer and Ralph Tachuk
    • Michael Spinelli
    • Michael Waterman and Yuka Hagiwara
    • Michele Burger and Tom Cramer
    • Michele Host
    • Michelle Fine
    • Michelle Flores
    • Michelle Vo
    • Michelle Yanche
    • Mickey Lambert
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    • Mike McKinnon
    • Mina Alikani
    • Mini Liu
    • Mirella Laure
    • Miriam Fogelson
    • Mohammed Nurhussein
    • Mollie Ruskin
    • Molly Fitzgerald
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    • Mona Chun
    • Monica George
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    • Monica Tarazi
    • Monique George
    • Monona Yin and Steve Fahrer
    • Montserrat Vargas
    • Morgan Stanley
    • Myra Chow
    • Nancy and Richard Mann
    • Nancy Eng
    • Nancy Ginsburg
    • Nancy Griffin
    • Nancy Holmstrom and Richard Smith
    • Nancy Meyer and Marc Weiss
    • Naomi and Robert Lonergan
    • Naomi Sobel and Becky Silverstein
    • Naomi Sunshine
    • Natacha Jospitre
    • Natalie Chap
    • Natalie Zwerger
    • Natarsia Joye
    • Natasha Pallan
    • Nathalie Rey
    • Nathan Smith
    • National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
    • Neal and Margaret Schmale
    • Nedra Gallagos
    • New York Community Trust
    • Ngozi Anyanwu
    • Nichelei Talmore
    • Nicholas Cummins
    • Nick Freudenberg and Wendy Chavkin
    • Nicola Lawton
    • Nicola McIntyre
    • Nicole Follmann
    • Nidia Medina
    • Nina Robbins
    • Nisha Atre Richardson and Art Richardson
    • Nisha Varia and Ritchie Abraham
    • Nitika Raj
    • Norm Fruchter
    • NoVo Foundation
    • NYC Grassroots Media Coalition
    • New York State Nurses Association


  • O–R
    • Ogonnaya Newman
    • Oksana Mironova
    • Oliver Cannell
    • Oliver Libby
    • Olivia Sim
    • Oona Chatterjee
    • Orlee Maimon
    • Pamela Chaloult
    • Pamela Tobias
    • Patrick Cranston
    • Patrick Lynch
    • Patriot Threads LLC
    • Patty Torres
    • Paul and Karen Goodman
    • Paul Gagnon
    • Paul O’Neil
    • Paula and John Parrish
    • Paula Gellman
    • Paula McClain
    • Paulette LoMonaco
    • Peggy Chan
    • Peggy Saika and Arthur Chen
    • Pepper Binkley
    • Peter Allison
    • Peter Brest
    • Peter Cairo and Kathy Dejardin
    • Peter Goodman
    • Peter Hepokoski
    • Peter Kerlin
    • Peter Kleban
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    • Pharaoh Sargent
    • Phil Knittel
    • Philippe Sommer
    • Phoenix Casino
    • Phoenix Streets
    • Pico Kassell and Andrew Strom
    • Pierre N. Hauser and Abigail E. Disney
    • Portia Armstrong
    • Posner-Wallace Foundation
    • Pratiti Deb
    • Priscilla Acuna
    • Professional Staff Congress
    • R. Rubin Family Foundation
    • Race Forward: The Center for Racial Justice Innovation
    • Rachael Leiner
    • Rachel Clift
    • Rachel Cytron Miller
    • Rachel Isreeli
    • Rachel Widany
    • Rae Gomes
    • Ralph E. Ogden Foundation
    • Ramon Lejano
    • Ramu Aki
    • Randye Farmer
    • Rashid Shabazz
    • Ray Cadiz
    • Rayna Rapp
    • Rebecca Bailin
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    • Resource Generation
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    • Robyn Calder
    • Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
    • Rodkin Family Foundation
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    • Roger and Jennifer Tjong Tjin Tai
    • Ron Ferreirae
    • Rosalie and Alan Friend
    • Rose and Sherle Wagner Foundation
    • Rose Coppola and Eileen Goldberg
    • Rosemary Moore and Josh Shneider
    • Rosenberg Fund for Children
    • Ruchir Khaitan
    • Russell G. and Elz Cuya Jones
    • Rusty Stahl
    • Ryan Flamerich
    • Ryan MacCarrigan
  • S-Z
    • Saamon Legoski
    • The Sagner Family Foundation
    • Sailendra Chatterjee
    • Sallie d’Orsay
    • Sally K. Donaldson, Ph.D.
    • Sam Jacobs
    • Sam Koprak
    • Sam Tabet and Milo Chesnut
    • Samantha Franklin
    • Samantha Steinmetz
    • Samra Brouk and Brian Lewis
    • Samuel Graham-Felsen
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    • Sandra Dietrick
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    • Scarly Rodriguez
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    • Selena Hilton
    • Serena and Brad Reisner
    • Seth and Helene Godin
    • Shachar Foundation Trust
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    • Shane Salerno
    • Shannon Harvey
    • Sharon and Stan Mark
    • Sharon Stapel and Sarah and Finch Mathison
    • Sharon Wasko and Michael Erwin
    • Sharon Wyse
    • Sheila Garcia
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    • Sherith Pankratz
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    • Suyin So
    • Suzanne Lipkin and Richard Exelbert
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    • Teresa Lotz
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    • Thea Rossman
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    • Timothy Weidemann and Cheryl Demuth
    • Tina Crockett
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    • Woodcock Foundation
    • Worker Justice Center Of New York
    • Workers United
    • Yahya Alazrak
    • Yalda Rafie
    • Yanik Archer
    • Yotam Marom and Bianca Bockman
    • Zachary Scott
    • Zachary Spiegel
    • Zack Schamberg
    • Zahida Pirani
    • Zakiyah Shaakir
  • In Honor of

    Additionally, we received gifts in honor of these individuals and families. Thanks to all of you for being part of the North Star Fund community and in many cases, introducing new people to North Star Fund.

    • Adam Liebowitz
    • Adama Bah
    • Alvarez Symonette
    • Ange Losco
    • Anne Tatreau
    • Barbara Winslow
    • Bolden Kekoa Jones
    • Carla Ellonis
    • Carolyn Silveira
    • Christine Parker
    • Cristina Jiménez Moreta
    • David Alexander
    • David Kevorkian
    • Davna and Sonia
    • Elz Cuya Jones
    • Gary Williams
    • Genny Basler
    • Harrison Humphrey
    • Héctor J. Figueroa
    • Helen F. Stillman
    • Jane Hogan Moffitt and Rachel Hogan Moffitt
    • Jasmin Berrios
    • Jasmine Jeffers
    • Jeanne Haws
    • Jennifer Ching
    • Jennifer Flynn
    • Jessica Garcia
    • Johnny Sanchez
    • Jon and Darla’s Wedding
    • Katherine Crowe
    • Katie Goodman
    • Kendall Jackman
    • Kevin Duarte
    • Kwele Serrell
    • Larry Peron
    • Liza Jonny Goodhue
    • Lucille Gold
    • Lynda Rodolitz
    • Maritza Ovsak
    • Marjorie Fine
    • Mary Humphreys
    • Marybeth Moser
    • Matt Shear and Sarah Lewin
    • Mayra Hidalgo Salazar
    • Meeta Anand
    • Michael Gottwald
    • Michele and Linda Lopes
    • Miriam Fogelson
    • Nisha Atre Richardson
    • Patty Cannizzaro
    • Paul Richer
    • Phoenix Casino
    • Priscilla Acuna
    • Saidi Chen
    • Sarah Allison
    • Sarah Frank and Joshua Wessler
    • Sarah Lewin and Matt Shear
    • Shana Bhattacharya
    • Stephen Adly Guirgis
    • Susannah and Cedric Bien-gund
    • Tata Jane Gould
    • Tod Monaghan
    • Tyler Gund
    • Xavier Stewart
  • Sharing a Just Future Legacy Circle Members

    Thank you to our Legacy Circle members, who have answered the call to Share a Just Future by including North Star Fund in their estate plans.

    • Arva Rice
    • Asa Johnson
    • Barbara Winslow
    • Betty Kapetanakis (In memoriam)
    • Betty Millard (In memoriam)
    • C. Edwin Baker (In memoriam)
    • Cory Greenberg
    • David Alexander
    • Elizabeth Melamid (In memoriam)
    • Jean Riesman
    • John Sayles and Maggie Renzi
    • Kamryn Wolf
    • Kynaston McShine Fund
    • Lise Vogel
    • Lloyd V. Martinez
    • Maggie Williams
    • Marjorie Fine
    • Merry Tucker
    • Michael Waterman and Yuka Hagiwara
    • Nisha Atre and Art Richardson
    • Peter Brest

The Challenge

You’re busy, and you care deeply about justice. You don’t always have the time or energy to track down all the vibrant community organizing in New York. And you aren’t sure that “philanthropy” has anything to do with the things you care about, like your family and community.

Who’s Coming Together

New Yorkers from all walks of life come together at North Star Fund through events and through giving to support the movements we want to see gain power in New York City and the Hudson Valley. What we share is a commitment to justice, to sharing resources and to building the power of the grassroots.

What You’re Changing

Thanks to your presence and contributions, you provide grants, strong networks and vibrant programming to build movements for justice in New York City. From emerging grassroots movements to established institutions for justice, you can support it all here.

North Star Fund’s Role

We convene memorable events for our community where you can learn, rise up to take action and commit more deeply to justice in our lifetimes and beyond. We share what we know and who we know. We help people decide how to make sure their giving matches their values. We build movements that last.

North Star Fund prides itself on integrity and transparency as the cornerstone of social justice philanthropy.


income$7,728,638 30% 25% 24% 10% 11%
  • Individual Donors$2,335,095
  • Foundation Partners$1,903,346
  • Donor Advised Partners$1,880,180
  • Fiscal Sponsorship Income$756,723
  • Fees and Ivestments$853,294
Total $7,728,638


61% 25% 12% 2% 4%
  • Grants & Programs$3,803,808
  • Donor Advised Funds$1,534,624
  • Development$750,552
  • Management & General$143,424
Total $6,232,408
For more detailed info, See the attached PDF.

North Star Fund continues to have a strong financial position that allows us to be a responsive and enthusiastic financial supporter of local movements. We maintain reserves to ensure our stability in the face of the current uncertain times, and are committed to being a long-term resource for organizing. If you have questions about these financial statements or our overall financial position, you can reach out to Cori Parrish at

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